Sunday, December 6, 2009

Excerpts from the Journal of Horace Purdy, Danbury, January 1-5, 1861

Tuesday January 1st 1861 Danbury

“The report that Buchanan had resigned is false. The papers today state that Gen. Scott was offered the war secretaryship but declined – Post Master [Joseph] Holt was then appointed who is now officiating as such. He is a strong Union man they say. The report also that Major Anderson is to be recalled is contradicted and he is to keep his position at Fort Sumter for the present at least.”

Friday January 4th 1861 Danbury

“I have worked all day in the shop. A little snow in the A.M., pleasant in the P.M. The news from South Carolina today are that the Carolinians have repaired Fort Moultry [sic] and are planting cannon at the nearest land point to Fort Sumter and are nearly ready to open fire on it with the attempt to take. Now is the time for the President to act and that quickly to by sending reinforcements to Major Anderson at Fort Sumter.”

Saturday January 5th 1861 Danbury

“Yesterday’s news in regard to besieging Fort Sumter in contradicted – instead of getting very stirring news today as expected, affairs are more tranquil. Secession has reached its highest pitch. Next week will tell. Something will be done then if ever.”

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