Sunday, November 1, 2009


Welcome to Three Month Men, a site dedicated to the First Connecticut Volunteer Regiment in the American Civil War. Although this unit was only in existance for a little more than three months (April 19 - July 31, 1861) and fought in only a single major engagement (First Manassas or First Bull Run), regiments such as these were crucial in the initial defense of the North (as well as the initial invasion of th south) in the early months of the war. This regiment is typical of those that answered President Lincoln's call for volunteers after the bombing of Fort Sumter in April of 1861.

I have been researching this regiment for nearly 20 years based mainly on the war diary and letters of Horace Purdy, a private in Infantry Company E. These resources are extremely detailed and provide almost daily recollections of the actions of this unit. Unfortunately other information on this regiment is difficult to find other than the brief regimental history written by the commander George S. Burnham, as well as a post battle report also written by Burnham and an article written by another member of the regiment. However, the First Connecticut was brigaded with the 2nd and 3rd Connecticut regiments as well as the 2nd Maine and information exists for these units in particular a detailed book.

This blog will draw from all of these resources. In particular I hope to provide a chronological progression of excepts from Horace Purdy's diary and letters in weekly posts that will bring you through events leading up to the war and through to the Battle of Bull Run. This will be supplemented by other material from the three connecticut regiments (particularly the 1st) which I already possess and that I hope to obtain. Eventually I would like to put the full text of the letters, diary, and other regimental information into book form.

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